Sunday Bulletin

Church Theme 2019:
Expanding the kingdom of God with each others' talents

8th December 2019

Speaker: Josh Ip
Passage: Matthew 7:1-5
Sermon: Judging Others

A big thank you to all who supported the Sunday school bake sale last Sunday to raise funds for the Edinburgh SW food bank (Trussell Trust). We raised £128.35 and collected food donations for the food bank.

The Christmas Day Service will be held on 1:30pm, 25th December (Wed). This is a joint service with ECCC and a potluck meal will be served afterwards. Brothers and sisters are encouraged to bring a dish to share, and to invite friends and family members to join us on the day. We are recruiting kitchen helpers as well! Please talk to Vicky if you are going to contribute food or to help.

Elderly Fellowship Christmas meeting will be rescheduled to 10:30am of the third Thursday of December, 19 December 2019. Members and friends are welcome.

LiFEgame: If you can be a 15 year old again, how would you live? LiFEgame is an interactive life simulation 4 day event just like playing Sim City in a real life……anything can happen during LiFEgame! Is that all life has to offer? Can God help us make decisions that counts?
Date: 28th to 31st December, 2019
Venue: Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 1AU
Fee: £130
Deadline for application: 15th December
For registration please visit or ask Vicky Lee for more detail.

House Groups: During the week the church meets together in house groups. If you are not connected with a house group and would like to be then please speak to one of the members of the committee to get connected.

CECE are still sponsoring two children with Compassion called Mez and Salome so if you would like to contribute to the tithing or letter writing for this ministry then please speak to Jonathan Shek. Please keep praying for these children also.

The Gospel Martial Arts Union (GMAU) Christian martial arts and self-defence group will begin meeting every Thursday night from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the lower hall. This is an outreach ministry focused on equipping the faithful and reaching the lost with the good news. It is our mission to be a faithful witness for Christ and His Word in the martial arts community, and to provide a venue in which Christian martial arts can develop technical expertise free from false and immoral teachings and practices. Our primary goals are discipleship and evangelizing so feel free to invite anyone, classes are taught by an expert instructor and there is NO CHARGE!!! For any questions contact Bill Atkins through the GMAU website:

Last Week’s Church Attendance

Chinese Service: 75
English Service: 16
Church Gathering: 42
Mandarin Fellowship: 18
Mandarin Bible Study: 9
Sunday School: 18

For church ministry

  • God’s guidance and protection for all brothers and sisters who are serving at church.

  • Vicky Lee’s ministry in Edinburgh.

  • The Pastor Search committee will be able to find suitable pastors for the church in His time.

  • God’s guidance for all fellowships/groups and current church ministries, through which brothers and sisters will be able to deepen the relationships with each other, and to share the gospel to many others.

  • May God use the Christian International Training Centre as a tool to edify disciples for His work.

  • Members in the church committee and the leaders of the groups / fellowships leader to have strength and wisdom to serve. May God lead us to edify the church by making us of our spiritual gifts, and to be the faithful servant of the Lord.

  • Church’s five year plan and the building vision plan will be carried out in God’s will, so that more people may know about God and to expand His Kingdom.

For individual needs

  • May God keep watching over the spiritual life of brothers and sisters, so that in Christ we can make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

  • Pray for those who are not well, may God’s healing be upon them to a speedy recovery.

  • For brothers and sisters who are returning to their home countries after graduation, and for those who are seeking for jobs.

For the world

  • The Malaysian Constitution defines “Malays” as followers of Islam. All national elementary and pre-primary schools must implement Islamic education. Sharing the gospel with Malay Muslims is illegal and importing the Malay Bible is banned. Pray for the work of distributing the Malay Bible. May God use His Word to change the lives of young people. Also pray for Christian children as they must attend Islamic education courses required by state schools.

  • For the recent turmoil incidents in Hong Kong. Pray for the presence of God’s mercy, peace and righteousness in this city. Pray for the government authority so that the people may live peaceful lives.

  • For the British government, the Prime Minister and his cabinet members to have the wisdom to make the Brexit process in the will of God.

1st Sunday (1/12/2019)

General Offering

Chinese Service: £638.93
English Service: £226.10
Total General Fund: £865.03
Total Pastor Fund: £200.00

General offering in December: £865.03
Pastoral Fund Offering in December: £200.00
Budget Income (including Gift Aid tax return) : £6,400.00

Cantonese/Mandarin WorshipSunday 1:30 pmSanctuary
Ichthus Sunday ServiceSunday 1:30 pm (Last Sunday of the month will be a combined service)Upper Hall
Holy CommunionLast Sunday of the month (Sunday Service)Sanctuary
Sunday SchoolSunday 2:00 pmNewington Room
Mandarin Adult Bible Study GroupSunday 10:00 amMember’s Home
Cantonese Bible Study GroupSunday 3:30 pmChurch
Cantonese FellowshipFirst & Third Sunday of the month 3:30 pmChurch
Cantonese Elderly FellowshipFirst Thursday of the month 10:30amCathay Court
Toddlers GroupFriday 10 am – 11:30 amChurch
Ichthus FellowshipFriday evening/ Sunday before ServiceVarious Locations
Mandarin Singing GroupWednesday 10:30 amChurch
Christian Martial Arts & Self-Defence GroupThursday 6:00 pm – 7:00 pmChurch
English ClassFriday 7:00 pmChurch House
Mandarin FellowshipFriday 7:00 pmChurch