25th Anniversary Celebration

On a Sunday in May 1996, CECE held its very first Sunday service…
And since then, we never cease gathering
Regardless of the adverse weather, not even the pandemic.
By God’s grace, His church is now stepping into its 25th year!
We would love to be able to gather in person to celebrate,
Yet there are restrictions still, unfortunately.
Nevertheless, we invite you to meet us “on the cloud”,
To look back, to count our blessings and praise our Father God.
And from which, we look forward to the future, without forgetting what God has entrusted us.

Thanksgiving Service

Date: Sunday, 9th May 2021
Time: 1:30-3:00pm (UK time UTC+01:00)
Via: Zoom Details to follow  (YouTube livestream available)
Content: Worship, stories of the CECE, messages from past ministry staff, social chats and more
We are calling for your kind contributions!
1. Church Photos. If you have photos or video of past church events, please send them along with brief descriptions (e.g. year taken, name of event, name of the people appear in photo) to our church staff or email to contact@cece.org.uk by 11/4.
2. Voices for the Congregational Choir. Join us by sending your recording of the song ” For I’m  Building a People of Power”!
Step 1: Click here to download the lyrics
Step 2: Listen to the demo here and practice
Step 3: Record your singing. Since we only need a vocal track, you will need to find a quiet place, listen to the music accompaniment here with your earphone or headset.
Step 4: Send the recording together with a recent photo of yourself to our church staff or email to contact@cece.org.uk by 18/4.

*In order to help our editing process, if you have two or more people in your family contributing, please record your voice separately and submit individual photos instead of group photos. Thanks!

3. Children’s handicraft photos. Let the children praise the Lord too!
Step 1: Click here for some great ideas for children’s crafts. We welcome original ideas too!
Step 2: Take a photo of the finished craft, and send to our church staff or email to contact@cece.org.uk by 25/4
4. Entries for the 25th Anniversary e-Album. We are one big family in the Lord . Let’s gather our thanksgiving, blessings and encouragement to the church from all over the world!
Step 1: Create your message in any forms you prefer, here are three suggestions:
1. Video recording (no more than 30 seconds)
2. Photo + voice recording
3. Photo + text
Step 2: Send to our church staff or email to contact@cece.org.uk by 31/5

Please note: By providing the church with photographs, audio recordings, etc., you are granting the church permission to use the files for the 25th Anniversary celebration, and the church has the right not to use the files provided, or to use only part of them. The files submitted will be used for this event only and not other purposes.