Sunday Bulletin

Church Theme 2020:
The mission of your life - spread the gospel

31st May 2020

Speaker: Maurice Fong

Sermon: One God, One Dream

Passage: Psalm 126:1-6

Church has suspended all physical meetings for the next few weeks until further notice:

Sunday services. We will plan to continue having weekly recordings added to our podcast. If you have children, you can access free Sunday School videos and activities provided by LifeWay ( You could also share our online Chinese Service ( ) to your families and friends.

House groups. Both men’s and women’s house groups will meet on a weekly basis via Google Hangouts. If you are not on the WhatsApp groups, drop us an email:

CECE are still sponsoring two children with Compassion called Mez and Salome so if you would like to contribute to the tithing or letter writing for this ministry then please speak to Jonathan Shek. Please keep praying for these children also.

Offering: During this period, our church encourages brothers and sisters to submit their offerings through bank transfer. Please contact one of the church committee for bank account details.

Last Week’s Church Attendance

Mandarin Fellowship: 17
Cantonese Bible Study Group: 7
andarin Adult Bible Study Group: 10


For church ministry

  • For the online arrangement of Sunday Services in the coming weeks. May God keep the equipment and Wi-Fi running smoothly, so that brothers and sisters are still able to worship and serve the Lord together online.

  • The Pastor Search committee will be able to find suitable pastors for the church in His time.

For individual needs

  • While continuing to stay at home, may the Lord grant brothers and sisters patience, peace, and self-discipline to live a God-centered life, and be able to be the salt and the light of the world in the midst of pandemic.

  • Pray for those who are not well, may God’s healing be upon them to a speedy recovery.

For the world

  • The Rohingya people are a minority community from Myanmar’s Rakhine State. They have their own distinct culture and language and they are predominantly Muslim. In 2013 the United Nations described the Rohingya as one of the most persecuted of minorities in the world. To escape the mass killings and atrocities, the Rohingya people fled, some by land and others by sea, to neighbouring countries. There is a small church among the Rohingya people, but because of their Muslim background, this little church is persecuted by their own community. Not only are these believers rejected by their own country, they are also rejected by their own people. Please pray for them.

  • Pray for those whose earning is seriously affected by the pandemic due to unemployment and suspension of business. Pray that the governments in all affected countries will have a proper plan to help their own people.

  • The pandemic has spread to the Middle East, Africa and South America where medical system is relatively weak. Pray that the Lord will keep the local people safe and be able to receive timely medical needs.

  • As some of the European countries and UK begin to ease up the restrictions, pray that the Lord will continue to protect and prevent second outbreak. Pray for all people who need to leave home for work, that they will have good protection from virus.

  • Beyond the pandemic matters, pray for the social unrests, political tensions between countries and neglected natural and human disasters. Pray that God will open our eyes and compel us, so that we can extend our thoughts to people and incidents that need our prayers.


4th Sunday (24/5/2020)

General Offering

Chinese Service: £984.00
English Service: £700.00
Pastor Fund: £200.00
Total General Fund: £1684.00
Total Pastor Fund: £200.00

*includes monthly direct debit offering 

General offering in May: £3289.00
Pastoral Fund Offering in May: £400.00
Budget Income (including Gift Aid tax return) : £6,400.00

Cantonese/Mandarin WorshipSunday 1:30 pmOnline
Ichthus Sunday ServiceSunday 1:30 pm Online
Holy CommunionLast Sunday of the month (Sunday Service)Suspended
Sunday SchoolSunday 2:00 pmSuspended
Mandarin Adult Bible Study GroupSunday 10:00 amOnline
Cantonese Bible Study GroupTuesday 7:30 pmOnline
Cantonese FellowshipFirst & Third Thursday of the month 2:00 pmOnline
Cantonese Elderly FellowshipFirst Thursday of the month 10:30amSuspended
Toddlers GroupThursday 11 amOnline
Ichthus FellowshipFriday evening/ Sunday before ServiceOnline
Mandarin Singing GroupWednesday 10:30 amOnline
Christian Martial Arts & Self-Defence GroupThursday 6:00 pm – 7:00 pmSuspended
English ClassFriday 7:00 pmOnline
Mandarin FellowshipFriday 7:00 pmOnline